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Chic Cosmetic Industries was established in 1987 and gained its position as a dominant figure in the Israeli cosmetics market, as a dynamic leader in the fields of nail polish, Dead Sea products, sunscreens and more.

In 2016, Chic Cosmetic Industries acquired the activity of Hlavin Industries, a move which led to the formation of the Chic-Hlavin Cosmetic Group, one of the strongest companies in Israel’s cosmetics sector.

Hlavin Industries Ltd. was established in 1974 and from its inception was a visionary in the Israeli cosmetics market. Harnessing the benefits of nature and technology, Hlavin introduced a wide range of products offering advanced solutions to a variety of skin care needs, all functioning in harmony with the human body.

Leading the Hlavin range are revolutionary long lasting deodorants, effective even up to 7 days in a single application. The full deodorants’ line of products – all aluminum, alcohol and paraben free provide head to toe odor protection.


The Chic-Hlavin Group is proud of continuing the Hlavin tradition of excellence. Cutting edge R&D together with uncompromising quality are responsible for over four decades of success in discerning international markets, as well as locally.

The Group offers a diverse range of cosmetic products, both branded and Private Label: innovative anti-age products, long-lasting deodorants, organic and natural products, original Dead Sea products, stylish nail polish, sunscreens etc.

The Chic-Hlavin Group takes pride in its highly professional R&D team which is responsible for unique innovation and product development.

The Group’s modern production facility, covering 6,500 sqm with its impressive production capacity, combines state of the art equipment with the most stringent production and quality control regulations, meeting stringent US, European and Asian standards.

The company’s products are sold in thousands of points of sale in Israel and in over 55 countries internationally.

Innovation and Creativity

Ongoing dialogue between Science and Marketing

The company’s R&D department plays a central role in the group’s activities. The fast pace of the ever-evolving cosmetics industry led Chic to offer fast, reliable, high-quality and innovative responses to constantly changing market trends.

The company’s R&D department comprise leading professionals in their field and its contribution is reflected in both branded and private label products. They are responsible for developing a range of unique and innovative formulations, specifically adapted to different and developing markets and target audiences.

The Chic-Hlavin Group believes that only ongoing dialog between science, sales and marketing, coupled with a thorough understanding of consumer behavior, will provide customers with the added value and market edge which they require.

Professionalism, experience and a service oriented approach have brought the company’s R&D department to its recognized standing as a leader in Israel’s cosmetic market.

  • Decades of accumulated know-how and experience in the development of products in a wide range of cosmetic categories
  • Use of top quality, environmentally- and user-friendly ingredients coupled with advanced production technologies
  • Compliance with most stringent regulations and standards
  • Innovative developments with no animal testing

Tradition of excellence spanning decades

Reliability, precision, quality

The Chic-Hlavin Group’s new and advanced production facility comprises 6,500 SQM and includes warehouses, distribution centers, production, filling and packaging lines, company headquarters and cosmetics museum. In order to ensure uncompromising quality, we put special emphasis on quality control and testing at each production stage.

Company personnel document and scrutinize all their activities in an ongoing effort to improve the already high standard. The company’s facilities comply with the following quality standards: ISO 22716:2007 (GMP), ISO 9001:2015, ISO13485 (Medical Devices) and Golden Mark of the Standards Institution of Israel.

All Dead Sea products carry certified Dead Sea Products endorsement. Additionally, the products comply with European and American regulations–among the world’s most stringent, as well as the requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Health.”

The company’s production capabilities cover a wide range of cosmetic products – capabilities acquired over 4 decades of the Chic-Hlavin’s Cosmetic Group’s existence.

The group’s product portfolio includes face, skin and hair care products, hair dyes, spa products, perfumes, make-up, nail care and nail polish, organic products, Dead Sea Products, baby products, deodorants, depilation products, toiletries, sun care, etc.

  • Local and International quality certifications: Golden Mark, Medical Device, ISO, CMP, Dead Sea Certificate, etc.
  • Licensed by the Israel Ministry of Health and additional international regulations
  • Quality control laboratories perform microbiology, stability, pH and additional tests
  • Staff training, with special emphasis on quality control

Start with an idea – end up with a product

Let us help you from beginning to end

Over the past few years, private labels have become increasingly popular all over the world. The question “Where do I begin” is the first thought in the mind of anyone contemplating a private label whether they are brand owners, retailers or individual entrepreneurs.

When developing private labels, we work closely with each client to create products that will generate a competitive edge for them in their own marketplace. This involves putting our in-depth technological know-how at their disposal, while also offering access to the latest innovations relevant to their unique needs.

Our highly trained professionals and chemists accompany our private label customers throughout the entire process – from idea to product implementation.

Chic-Hlavin’s professional team has accumulated vast experience in the field and will be pleased to accompany you along the road from idea to implementation, allowing you to devote your energies where they are best spent: establishing the brand, marketing and sales themselves.

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun”.

(Pablo Picasso)

From Production to the Shelf

A short distance from manufacturer to the consumer

In order to shorten the distance between the manufacturer and the consumer, the company maintains its own local logistic network that specializes in marketing, sales and distribution.

Our marketing and sales departments work hand in hand In order to better understand the consumer and market behavior and to adapt existing and future products to their needs.

Our sales staff offers solutions to the company’s customers, using their market experience to create the ideal match between the customer, consumer and market demands.

The Chic-Hlavin Group distributes its products in Israel to over 1,200 points of sale, including pharma chains, cosmetic shops, perfumeries, pharmacies etc. We believe that excellent products together with ongoing personal, reliable service leads to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our international department is dedicated to developing new markets as well as broadening the base of sales of existing ones.

We usually work directly opposite marketing chains and distributors in target countries where each customer has its own arsenal of brands and products suited to its individual customer profile.

“Unless you have 100% costumer satisfaction... you must improve”.

(Horst Schulze, Ritz Carlton)

Head to Toe beauty care products

Top quality, elegance in affordable prices

Chic nail polish has led this category in Israel for decades. However, in addition to the popular nail care products, Chic distributes to its loyal customers world- wide, a diverse range of products in several cosmetic categories – under Chic and additional brand names.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to share with our loyal customers our passion for the world of beauty by providing solutions for various needs and different age groups.

Chic’s brands reflect a joining of top quality, elegance, style and fair, affordable prices. In international markets, our products fall into two main categories:

  1. Products designed only for international markets, showcasing the best of Israeli’s natural resources: Dead Sea minerals, medicinal herbs, dates, Galilee herb, cacti, olive oil, local fruits and vegetables etc.
  2. Products marketed locally and adapted by our R&D team to the requirements of international markets. These lines include nail care, sunscreens, baby products, deodorants, make up, etc.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”.

(Dr. Seuss)

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