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* * *The text below refers equally to each sex and gender, and is formulated in the masculine form for convenience only* * *

Use of the Website and Agreement to its Terms

  • This document concentrates for you the terms of the privacy policy on the site (hereinafter: “the policy”). In order to present and explain the company’s practices in relation to the privacy of the users of the site, of that which is provided to it by the users of the site or collected by it when using the site. Please note that any use of this site, or of sites or services linked or available through it, constitutes your agreement to the terms of the policy.
  • The company reserves the right to change, delete and/or add conditions to/from the terms of the policy at any time and without obligation to provide prior or retrospective notice, so it is recommended to regularly review the updated version of the policy. To the extent that you do not agree to the terms of the policy, in whole or in part, please refrain from using the site.
  • Links that may be displayed on this site, to external or other sites, are displayed for your convenience only. Any reliance on these sites or their content, use of them or providing details through them, is solely the responsibility of the user and in accordance with the terms of use, regulations, and privacy policy of those sites, separately and independently from these terms of policy.
  • When using the site, information about the user is collected. This is information that the user knowingly provides, statistical and cumulative information. The user hereby declares and confirms that the information he provided and/or will be collected about him as part of his engagement with the company will be kept in the company’s database and will be used in accordance with the purposes of the database.


Privacy Policy, Information Collection and Retention

  • The company respects your privacy and is committed to following the rules of privacy protection. Use of personal information provided by you or collected about you will be made solely in accordance with this privacy policy or the obligations applicable to the company under any law.
  • “Personal information” in this privacy policy means any identifying information about you that will be provided or collected about you as part of the use of the company’s website, for the purpose of registering for the services offered through the website, as well as any identifying information about you that will be collected about how you use the website during its operation.
  • Some of the services provided as part of the use of the site require registration and/or the provision of personal information directly by you, for example:
  • In the event that you wish to join the company’s membership club, you will be asked to enter personally identifiable information such as your name, home address, contact details and additional information as it appears on the registration page.
  • The company may collect and make use of information provided by you or and/or collected about you, such as your consumption habits and behavior, including during the use of the site and/or the services offered through it (hereinafter together “the information collected”) or as part of your membership in the customers club, in order to improve, enrich or change (including changing the site presented to the user) the site, the services and the content offered on the site so as to optimally reflect your preferences. In addition, the company may use the information for operational, marketing, and statistical purposes to promote the goals of the customer club.
  • In addition, registration for a particular service through the site, including the company’s customer club or mailing lists or any other matter, available or accessible through the site, may require your consent and approval of the terms of that service, in which case you will be required to approve your consent separately on that page/for this service.
  • You agree that the information provided by you and/or will be collected about you will be stored in the databases of Chic Cosmetic Industries 1989 Ltd. for the purpose of managing and optimizing the service and relationship with you, for operational, marketing and statistical purposes, including processing the information and direct mailing for the purpose of realizing these purposes, as well as encouraging loyalty and providing services to users and club members, and for ensuring lawfully fair trading activity.
  • In accordance with your consent, to the extent received by law, the company may contact you from time to time by direct mail for the purpose of receiving updates, product offers and/or services, campaigns and promotions, by e-mail, text messages (SMS), automatic dialing system and/or by phone, as long as no other notice is received from you at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact the company using the email address provided below with your request and identifying details.
  • It is hereby clarified that you are not obligated to provide the details listed above by law, and their delivery depends but on your free will and consent, in order to receive the requested services of the company; you will have no claim and/or lawsuit against the company and its representatives on the subject. However, please note that without providing certain information (e.g., without entering identifying information when joining the membership club) we will not be able to provide the services offered, some or all of them.
  • You must provide and/or update on the site only correct, reliable and accurate information, only on your behalf and for yourself, and not on behalf of and/or for third parties, except in cases where you were authorized to do so, explicitly and in writing. The company has no responsibility as to the correctness of the information and the quality of its reliability and there may be no complaint by the parties against it.
  • The site uses automated tools to characterize your use of the site and improve the user experience, by collecting unidentified data. These tools collect general information about you and your use of the site. This information includes, but is not limited to, your ISP information, your Internet Protocol address (IP address) and domain name for the purpose of accessing the website, the location of the device used to access the website, the time and manner of use of the website, your browser type and other anonymous details indicating how the website is used.
  • In addition, the company uses information files called “cookies”. These files help track visitors’ preferences and improve the site’s user experience. For example, the cookies allow you to save the information you enter to the various forms, saving you the time to fill in the details again on your next visit, or identify your favorite products in order to present you with recommendations and tips that are right for you. The information in the cookies is encrypted, and the company takes precautions to ensure that only the company’s or its representatives’ computers can read and understand the information stored in them.
  • The services may also use third-party cookies – for example, Google cookies such as those implemented using Google Analytics, AdSense and/or Doubleclick – as well as those produced using Facebook tools.
  • For more information on the use of cookies through third parties, you can contact the following addresses: ; ;

  • If you do not want to accept or enable cookies, you can block them at any time by changing the settings in your browser. Some cookies may expire when you close the browser or application you are using, and others may be stored in memory on your device or computer. At any time, you can delete your cookies, even if you have them saved. It is suggested to do so only if you are convinced that you do not want the site, the content appearing on it and the services offered through it to be adapted to your preferences.
  • By agreeing to the terms of this privacy policy, you agree to the use of the described technologies and other technologies, as they may be from time to time, for similar purposes, including using the information collected through them to identify and/or characterize you thereunder. If you disagree, please update your device or browser settings according to your preferences as stated above.
  • The company takes care not to transfer personally identifiable information about you to third parties, and will do so only in one or more of the following cases:
    • Upon your request or with your express consent or by signing up for a particular service which may require this, with your consent.
    • When performing certain operations within the services, it may also be necessary to transfer information to the required service providers to complete the operation, or to the parties related to that action and/or executors of the action – such as a courier company, a company, etc. The specific information for the purpose of the specific engagement between the service applicant and the service provider will be kept by the company and its transfer to the relevant parties in order to complete the operations will be carried out subject to the consent of the applicant and his desire to receive the service and/or transfer the information. The company has no responsibility regarding this issue and the issues related to the transfer of information and there may be no complaint by the parties against it.
    • In the event of a legal dispute between you and the company that will require the disclosure of your details and/or if you perform actions on the site contrary to the law and/or in the event that a judicial order is received directing this.
    • To conduct statistical analyses and transfer statistical or other information to third parties. Such information will not enable your personal identification.
    • In the event that it is found that you have breached one or more of these terms of service and/or in cases where you will perform or attempt to perform actions contrary to the terms of use or the provisions of any law.
    • By judicial order or by the requirement of an authority authorized by law or for the purpose of preventing the commission of an offense.
    • In any case where the company believes that the provision of the information is necessary to prevent serious damage to the property and/or body of a person, or in order to prevent other serious damage at its sole discretion.
  • In the event that the company is sold, transferred and/or merged with another corporation, provided that the new recipient of the information, accepts the provisions of these terms of use in full.
  • The company may provide statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, subject to the terms of this privacy policy. Statistical information provided to third parties will not identify you personally.
  • The foregoing shall not derogate from the company’s right to transfer to third parties non-personal information, which does not identify you by your name and/or by the details of your identity directly.
  • According to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, you, or someone on your behalf who is your proxy, may review the information about you that is in the company’s database and even ask us to correct this information if it is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate and even delete it in appropriate cases. To exercise this right, please submit a request to the company through the contact page on the website or through one of the contact details listed at the bottom of this document.

Information Security

  • The company does everything in its power and uses advanced technological and organizational security measures to secure the site and the ways of communication through it and the information under its control, against accidental or intentional exploitation, loss or destruction and against access by unauthorized persons.
  • Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the company cannot guarantee the security of the information and its retention absolutely and does not guarantee that the website or the use thereof will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information or content stored therein. Accordingly, it is hereby clarified that the company will not be responsible and will not bear any responsibility in the event of penetration or burglary and/or any damage caused due to the use of the site and/or the content displayed on it and/or its ancillary services, by the user of the site or anyone acting on his behalf.


  • This privacy policy applies and is in accordance with Israeli law exclusively. For any dispute and/or any claim, demand and/or request arising from and relating to this privacy policy, including the issue of privacy protection and the use of personal information collected as part of the use of this site, only the laws of the State of Israel will apply and the place of jurisdiction will be the Tel Aviv court, and the substantive and procedural law will be Israeli law and through your use of this site and the provision of information or use of the services included in it and/or the purchase of our products, you agree that the exclusive authority to handle all of the above, will be subject to the courts in Tel Aviv and that the above will apply, as stated, the laws of the State of Israel only.

Contact Us

In case of any question and/or request and/or response regarding this policy, please contact the company’s customer service by email: , by phone: +972-8-9426665.

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