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Hlavin's Deodorants

Up to 7 days odor free Deodorants that prevent perspiration odor for up to 7 days without Interfering with natural body processes

The use of deodorants has become an integral part of our grooming routine – we all want to smell good. The demands of today’s modern life style dictate the need for reliable, effective deodorants which provide total odor protection anytime, anywhere, but which are a perfect fit for today’s healthy life styles.

Hlavin’s deodorants deliver proactive odor defense without Interfering with the essential biological processes responsible for removing toxins and regulating body temperature.

The comprehensive range is specially formulated to work in complete harmony with each individual, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle.

The effects of these powerful, clinically-proven formulas are exceptionally long-lasting – even up to 7 days or 72 hours depending on the specific product and usage. Through showers, swimming, or the most intense physical workouts, you can be confident our deodorants will prevent perspiration odor while working perfectly in sync with your body.

Aluminum Free
Alcohol Free
Paraben Free

Healthy Odor Protection

Let your body function naturally

While most deodorants available on the market today fall into the category of anti-perspirants containing aluminum salts which block the flow of perspiration, Hlavin’s deodorants are aluminum and alcohol free and do not clog pores.

Moreover, they contain plant extracts and oils which together with probiotics moisturize and protect skin. Hlavin’s deodorants eliminate perspiration odor at the source by neutralizing the activity of odor-causing bacteria. Your body continues to function as nature intended, allowing for the natural flow of perspiration and removal of toxins.


Hlavin's Deodorants

Choose your deodorant – find the perfect fit for you!


A complete line of deodorants in different application forms, a variety of fragrances, different durations – all based on a single approach to the treatment of perspiration odor – tackling the problem of unpleasant odors at the source by neutralizing odor causing bacteria.

The line comprises:

  • Deodorant Creams – Effective up to 7 days
  • Roll-on/Stick deodorants – Effective up to 72/48 hours
  • Spray Deodorants – 24 hour protection
  • Deodorant Wipes – Long-lasting, on the go protection

Hlavin Goes Global –

A Vision Ahead of its Times

While the idea of healthy deodorants is gaining increasing momentum in today’s society, this was hardly the case when Hlavin deodorants made their market appearance – at the time the concept was revolutionary.

Beginning in 1975, the Hlavin “deodorant revolution” made its way to discerning international markets such as USA, Japan, China, Switzerland, etc. leading to over four decades of market success.

In sync with the growing awareness of the need for “healthy” deodorants, Hlavin’s deodorants offer the perfect solution, by providing long-lasting odor protection that works in total harmony with the body. Instead of blocking pores with harsh chemicals, Hlavin’s deodorants neutralize odor-causing bacteria– all without interfering with the body’s natural detox processes.

Enriched with plant extracts and oils protect delicate skin in the underarm area. The high quality of Hlavin’s products and the rigorous testing they undergo have supported Hlavin’s deodorants as international leaders in their field.

Hlavin Deodorants

Up to 7 days odor free Deodorants that prevent perspiration odor for up to 7 days without Interfering with natural body processes

What is the toughest challenge any deodorant can face? Effectiveness in extreme conditions!! The Soviet Army handed a crucial mission to the founder of Hlavin Cosmetics in the thick of World War II: develop a deodorant that could fight the toughest odors, last over time, and work perfectly in sync with the body. The result: a revolutionary solution that, instead of simply masking odors, targeted and eliminated odor-causing bacteria right at the source. The innovative deodorant cream – Lavilin – was effective for up to 7 days – much, much longer than any other commercial product, with no need for frequent reapplication. Lavilin Deodorant Cream is still the flagship product of the Hlavin line of deodorants.

Odor Protection by Hlavin

At war with odor, at peace with your body

Your body is as extraordinary as you are!! Hlavin is committed to making sure you enjoy only the very best personal care, providing high quality products – quality which your body deserves. Not only are the deodorants aluminum-, alcohol- and paraben free but also they are free from harsh chemicals.

Our deodorants provide odor protection solutions for real people – at home, on the move, at work, at the gym. Packed with active botanical essences, Hlavin’s deodorants deliver proven active support that neutralizes odor-causing bacteria without clogging pores or irritating skin.

Simply choose the deodorant that’s best for your needs and relish the freedom of up to 7 days between applications.

Aluminum Free
Alcohol Free
Paraben Free
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